10 Easy Lunch Box Recipes

As summer comes to an end, school is starting back up and so are packed lunches. Check out these 10 lunch box recipes that will help you ace lunchtime and keep the family fueled for the afternoon. As Vidalia onion season comes to a close mid-August, look for our Peruvian RealSweet® sweet onions, with the same signature RealSweet® taste, to use in their place.

  1. All-American Vidalia® Onion Dip: Serve up lunch Bento box style with this sweet onion dip as the dip for crunchy and colorful veggies, like carrot and celery sticks, cucumber rounds and grape tomatoes. Add low-fat cheese cubes and whole wheat crackers for a protein punch.
  1. Garden Vegetable Pasta Salad: This delicious pasta salad can be served cool or warm and makes for a filling lunchbox meal, leaving you ready to tackle the afternoon.
  1. Chicken Veggie Wraps: These Chicken Veggie Wraps are sure to become a mealtime staple. The Ranch dressing – a child favorite – complements the chicken and veggies for a satisfying meal.
  1. Classic Spinach & RealSweet® Vidalia® Salad: Fresh spinach, our sweet onions, bacon crumbles, and refreshing strawberry poppy seed dressing come together to make a sweet and salty salad.
  1. Vegan Greek Pita: For the non-meat eaters and healthy eaters alike, this Vegan Greek Pita is full of flavor, veggies and nutrients. The filling can also be served on gluten free sandwich bread.
  1. Vidalia Onion and Ham Quiche: Quiche is a delicious comfort food, and this one is no exception with layers of savory ham and sweet onions. This quiche can be prepared in advanced and packaged for a weekday light lunch.
  1. Cucumber, Vidalia Onion and Cream Cheese Sandwiches: Sweet and refreshing, these simple sandwiches are easy to make and packed with flavor! Cucumber, Vidalia Onion and Cream Cheese Sandwiches are a great light meal on a hot summer day.
  1. Classic Sweet Onion Soup: When the weather starts cooling down, soups in a heat-retaining container are a welcome lunchtime treat. This Classic Sweet Onion Soup recipe takes less than 45 minutes to make and is freezable – just wait to add the cheese before serving if frozen.
  1. 30-Minute Veggie Tortellini Soup: With this hearty, veggie-filled soup taking only 30 minutes to make, double (or triple) the batch for dinner the night before and enjoy an easy lunch the next day.
  1. Black Bean Sweet Potato Chili: Serve up this gluten free Black Bean Sweet Potato Chili, packed with extra protein thanks to the addition of quinoa. This dish is also vegan, or add shredded lowfat cheese for a vegetarian dish.

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