All About Onions Guide

Our pride and joy are our RealSweet® Vidalia® onions and RealSweet® Sweet Onions. Both onions are known for being sweet, without the pungent, sharp taste of some other onions. Learn more about this essential vegetable and how to select, store and prep onions with our All About Onions Guide.


To select the freshest onion, look for one that feels heavy for its size, does not contain any soft spots and has a dry, brittle root. Don’t worry about an onion with dry skins – that’s part of the harvesting process and keeps the inner layers fresh. Find out more about selecting onions in this clip from our president and founder, John Shuman. 


Vidalia and sweet onions can be stored in a cool, dry place for 2 – 3 weeks. Or, store them in the refrigerator wrapped in paper towels for several weeks. You can freeze chopped onions in a freezer-safe bag for up to one year and use them in dishes calling for cooked onions.  


Vidalia and sweet onions can be used in any dish, whether it calls for grilled onions, onion rings, or anything in between. Sweet onions are an excellent source of Vitamin C and contain antioxidants and compounds that may help fight certain cancers and benefit bone health. Learn how to slice and dice an onion the chef-way from Chef & The Fat Man.

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