Freedom, Fireworks, Family and…Food!!

Independence Day is approaching, and with it, the fond memories of family gatherings, fireworks, fantastic food and freedom ringing in every heart across the nation.

Growing up, July 4th meant spending the day with my family at Aunt Darlene’s house in Annapolis, MD. We would spend the afternoon in the back yard seated around a picnic table covered in newspaper. Bushel’s of steamed Blue Crab smothered in Old Bay Seasoning were dumped onto the table, and armed with our “crab crackers”, we set about devouring them one savory morsel at a time. After the feast, everyone would gather together and walk the short distance to the United States Naval Academy to watch the fireworks. Looking back, it was the ideal location to celebrate and honor those brave men that fought for our freedom. This tradition brought my family closer together, and I will forever be thankful.

In honor of these traditions, our team here at Shuman Produce would like to encourage you to enjoy the freedoms that come from living in our great nation by gathering together with family and friends, watching fireworks, eating delicious food and remembering both those who earned our freedom, as well as, those who fight to maintain it. We may not be able to join you for your celebration, but we can help provide you with tasty recipes featuring our RealSweet® Vidalia® onions that may one day be the backdrop of your family’s holiday memories. Happy 4th of July!

Hot RealSweet® Vidalia® Onion Dip

Big John’s Low Country Boil

RealSweet® Mediterranean Salad

Redneck Chicken and Watermelon Tacos

RealSweet® Broccoli Salad

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