Get The Facts: RealSweet® Peruvian Sweet Onions

As our RealSweet® Vidalia® onion season comes to an end, we enter a new season with our RealSweet® sweet onions. Through our decades of onion farming, we have perfected the Peruvian sweet onion so you can enjoy our signature RealSweet® taste year-round.

Here’s a few facts about our RealSweet® Peruvian sweet onions:

  • In the Vidalia onion off-season, we grow our sweet onions in Peru because it offers the combination of ideal weather conditions and sandy soils needed to grow a truly sweet onion. While our growing area in Peru is a desert climate, all of our fields are irrigated using drip irrigation to conserve this most precious resource.
  • Peruvian sweet onions are the closest relative to the Vidalia onion in terms of taste, sweetness and color so you can trust that the high quality you expect from our RealSweet® sweet onion is maintained throughout the year.
  • The Peruvian sweet onion has a major influence on the economy of the Southeastern United States. All of our RealSweet® Peruvian onions travel through the Port of Savannah which impacts over 360,000 jobs in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and beyond.
  • RealSweet® Peruvian sweet onions are packaged and shipped by the same people that handle RealSweet® Vidalia onions here in Southeast Georgia, so we are experts in quality assurance.
  • Our RealSweet® Peruvian sweet onions have a longer harvest season than those grown in the US, this allows us to provide a fresh product to you for several months…now that’s a RealSweet® fresh onion!
  • We hold food safety, traceability and hygiene in the highest regards with our Peruvian sweet onions, certifying them with the same stringent standards as our Vidalia onions.

Our Peruvian onions have the flavor profile you and your family know and love, with the quality and safety you’ve come to expect from our farming family. Learn all about our exclusive RealSweet® Peruvian onions through this video.

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