PMA Fresh Summit and Recipe Round-Up

We have just completed the 2016 installment of the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit Convention and Expo, four days of whirlwind excitement, networking and promotion within the produce business. This year’s event was held in Orlando, Florida with over 1,100 exhibitors and nearly 21,000 attendees from 65 countries.

Shuman Produce kicked off the festivities of the Trade Exposition on Saturday with Miss America 2017, Savvy Shields. Savvy held a meet and greet with visitors to our booth and even spent a little time in our kitchen talking about her favorite foods and how she plans to make a difference in the coming year. She was a RealSweet® treat to have with us Saturday. You can check out our pictures and Facebook live video.

We also had the wonderful Francine Bryson and Kevin “Fatman” Jenkins with us. This dynamic duo created some mouth-watering dishes that attracted exposition attendees to our booth like you’ve never seen before. Francine is a famous baker and bestselling cookbook author from Greenville, South Carolina who joined us this year for the very first time (and she didn’t disappoint). Kevin charmed those around him with his wit and charm.

After several requests by exposition attendees, we have dedicated the remainder of this blog to the fantastic recipes that Francine Bryson created using our RealSweet® sweet onions. Some of these were planned out well in advance of the show…and others were created on the fly thanks to some inspiration from fellow exhibitors, Brandt Farms and To-Jo Mushrooms. We hope you and your family will enjoy these simply delicious recipes using our RealSweet® sweet onions.

This RealSweet® Sweet Onion Patty, also known as an Onion Hoecake, was a huge hit. Hoecakes date back to the Civil War and have since been a Southern tradition that many of us grew up eating with our grandparents. We really jazzed this up with the topping of Francine’s Sweet Onion Jam, thanks to the beautiful Concord grapes from Brandt Farms.

Francine also created a twist on a cold weather must-have, the grilled cheese. Her version includes pears, honey, sweet onions and goat cheese. Try this Honey Roasted Onion and Pear Grilled Cheese with your favorite tomato or French onion soup.

These next recipes could be a great addition or alternative to your family’s #TacoTuesday. With RealSweet® Shrimp Quesadillas and this Terrific Salsa Trio of Not Your Mama’s Mango Salsa, Carolina Redneck Caviar and Fall for Fall Pumpkin Salsa you’ll be the star of any show. Not to mention, the salsas can all be made ahead of time and store wonderfully in the refrigerator for several days.

Another great treat that Francine created on a whim was the RealSweet® Slider, special thanks to our friends at To-Jo Mushrooms for supplying us with mushrooms. These are a super easy and flavorful alternative to traditional tailgate fair and are sure to be a hit.


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