A RealSweet® Sweet Onion Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays, and may be yours, too! Make this Thanksgiving one to remember with dishes full of flavor and sweet onions. From a twist on the classic stuffing to savory sweet onion cornbread, this menu has you covered for the big day.


  1. Keep pre-meal hunger at bay with a light and refreshing salsa. True to its name, this recipe is Not Your Mama’s Salsa – there’s heat, sweet and a new balance of flavors.
  1. For a soup course, give this Potato and Sweet Onion number a try. Warm and comforting, it really showcases that sweet onion flavor that we love.
  1. Try your hand at a unique take on stuffing with Balsamic Chicken & Stuffing Muffins. Like the crispy bits of stuffing at the edge of the pan? This is the perfect recipe for you!
  1. Bacon-Roasted Turkey with Sweet Onion Gravy will be the star of the show. Sweet onions take the gravy flavor to the next level to complement this Thanksgiving main dish.
  1. Sweet onions elevate the sweet potato flavor of Rosemary Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Onions for a simple and delicious side dish.
  1. It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without some cornbread on the side! Our take on Sweet Onion Cornbread is sure to satisfy your friends and family.
  1. Cranberry-Onion Jam…cranberries may or may not be your favorite, but this spin on a Thanksgiving tradition is sure to catch the attention of your curious family members.
  1. Don’t forget the pie! Pumpkin, pecan or apple pie are all great choices to complement this menu.


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