Sweet Onions

Vidalia Onions

Vidalia Onions

The world famous Vidalia sweet onion is America’s favorite sweet onion and the cornerstone of the Shuman family and our business for more than thirty years.

Vidalia and the surrounding region in southeast Georgia is known the world over for growing the sweetest onions available, but did you know that the crop was originally a fluke? It’s true! During the Great Depression, farmers in the area in search of a new cash crop planted onions and were surprised to find that they were far different than expected once they were harvested – they were sweet!

The sandy soils of southeast Georgia combined with the average rainfall allowed sulfur compounds (the elements that make an onion hot or bring tears to your eyes when they’re cut) to wash away. This is what allows the onions to remain mild, sweet and uniquely delicious.

Vidalia sweet onions taste great sliced or chopped on a salad, grilled on a burger, stuffed with sausage and baked, sautéed with chicken or stewed with squash. We think you get the idea!

The Vidalia onion season runs from mid-April to early August. Look for RealSweet Vidalia onions in the produce department of your favorite grocery store during those months.

Sweet Onions

Peruvian/Other Sweet Onions

While Vidalia sweet onions are undoubtedly the sweetest in the world, they’re unique qualities restrict them to a specific growing region and a limited availability based on seasonality.

So to be sure we offer the best tasting onions all year long, we look to additional growing regions during the times of the year when Vidalias are out of season. Peru offers the same sandy soils and climate found in southeast Georgia, and allows us to farm sweet onions during the off-season here in Vidalia to keep the best-tasting sweets on your grocery store shelves until the Vidalia harvest begins again.

From August to February, our RealSweet Peruvian sweet onions can be found in your favorite grocery store. We also grow in Mexico, Texas, Nevada and New Mexico to fill in the weeks between harvests and keep our RealSweet onions available to you all year long.

Red Onions

Sweet Red Onions

In their first year of nation-wide availability, our Sweet Red Onions are the most recent addition to the RealSweet family. We currently grow them only in the sandy soils of southeast Georgia right alongside our Vidalia sweet onions.

They’re not hot, but savory and sweet – the perfect combination for those onions lovers that are looking for all of the flavor of a red onion with none of the tears. They’re perfect for grilling on kabobs or slicing and topping burgers at the family cook-out. Try them sautéed in a stir fry or even on a salad along with black olives and feta cheese.

Be sure to keep an eye out for them in your favorite grocery store from May through August. Our sweet red onions are still relatively new, so if you can’t find them, don’t fret! Just be sure to ask someone in the produce department to stock RealSweet Sweet Red Onions or contact us for information on where you might be able to find them close by.

Baby Vidalia Salad Onions

Vidalia “Salad Onions”

We know how hard it is to wait so long for Vidalia season to come around once it’s ended. Vidalia Salad Onions help to pass the time during the winter months.

Perfect for salads – as the name implies – these flavorful onions are the precursors to fully matured Vidalias and are also ideal for soups, stews, stir fry’s and so much more.

Vidalia Onion Season