What is a Vidalia Onion?

We will talk about what is a vidalia onion in this blogpost. Simply put Vidalia Onions are the sweetest and most famous onions in the world are finally available. Whether you’ve never had a Vidalia onion (let us know and we can change that) or you’re a Vidalia veteran, you’re in for a RealSweet® treat as we peel back the layers of history behind the Vidalia onion.

The discovery of the Vidalia onion started as a fluke in Toombs County Georgia – and what a lucky fluke it was! During the Great Depression, Moses Coleman, a farmer, was aiming to develop a new cash crop of onions to support his family. When he harvested the onions, he was surprised to find out that instead of having a sharp taste, it was surprisingly sweet.

In the Vidalia region of Georgia, the combination of the area’s sandy soil and rainfall allows sulfur – the compound that makes onions sharp – to wash away, leaving a sweet-tasting onion. Only 20 counties in Georgia can grow onions labeled as Vidalia onions, and the tasty vegetables are only available from April to August.

The vegetable became so popular that former President Jimmy Carter gave Vidalia onions as White House gifts! Then in 1990, the Georgia legislature declared the Vidalia onion the state’s official vegetable.

Now that you know the history, let’s practice proper pronunciation of this world famous onion with our fun YouTube video!

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